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Greetings from the PTO!

To Contact us, email: Website:

Mission of the PTO:  The purpose is to support the education and well-being of children that attend Alliance Charter Academy, to advocate for physical, emotional, and mental health, welfare, and safety of students;  engage the community and our families and educators and students to unite.

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Here are some tips for best success…

  1. Tie bags tightly, cans might slip out when bags are overfilled and cannot close completely.

  2. Glass bottles can be heavy, limit 30 per bag to stay under the weight limit.

  3. Stay in shape, crushed cans and bottles can jam Bottle Drop machines.

  4. Trash the cap, please remove bottle caps before recycling the bottles.

  5. Rinse cans and bottles, little sticky drips can make a big mess along the way.

  6. No double bags, if you find a hole please get a new bag.

  7. NO GARBAGE EVER!! Bottle Drop can close our account immediately if they find garbage.

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